Grip Socks Manufacturer

Our factory produces premium quality grip socks with custom branded logo and silicone printing. Our socks are made from soft, comfortable and durable material and meet OEKOTEX-100 standards.

Grip socks are a special type of non-slip sock that is created by adding small rubber bumps on the bottom of a sock. The purpose of this is to increase the contact area with the floor or soles of the feet, make the center of gravity more stable and achieve the effect of anti-skid. Grip socks can be divided into three different types: PVC, flocking fabric and silica gel. Among them, the former is the thickest and is used for football or other sports. The latter is much thinner and is more suitable for yoga or Pilates, while the third one is similar to flocking fabric.

Gripped socks are very popular in many gyms and fitness centers, because they can make it easier for people to exercise without falling over. They can also improve the hygiene of trampoline parks or other inflatable structures, as bare feet can sweat and breed bacteria. Gripped socks are also a good choice for children who are just learning to walk, because they will be more comfortable and safer than shoes alone.

Arebesk was the first designer grip sock company to launch in the US, founded by a pilates enthusiast and mom of two. The company was launched out of a garage with just enough money to bring in one style, the Phish Net collection. Since then, Arebesk has become the go-to grip sock for pilates studios around the world due to their unique designs and unmatched quality. grip socks manufacturer






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