Gifts For Cyclists

Cyclists are passionate about their sport — it’s more than just an exercise for them, it’s a lifestyle and it influences their other decisions in life too, from what they wear to where they travel. That’s why a cycling-themed gift is always going to be appreciated. From a practical bike accessory to a heart-warming charity gift, we’ve got some ideas for the cyclists in your life.

A good quality insulated water bottle is an essential piece of kit for cyclists, whether they’re on an easy weekend ride or pushing themselves to their limits in training. This CamelBak bottle is lightweight and durable, making it a great option for any cyclist.

The gift that keeps on giving. This handy tool wrap wrangles a wrench, a tube, Co2 and more so you can easily fix your bike on the go, without having to carry a full kit in your back pocket. It fits neatly into the awkward space under most saddles and it’s made from recycled plastic, so you can feel good about your purchase.

No-one likes getting caught out with a flat tire, especially on a long ride, so a decent pump is an essential cycling accessory. This one is easy to use and comes with a pressure gauge, so you can make sure your cyclist friend’s tires are properly inflated for maximum performance.

Even the most accomplished cyclists sometimes have to miss a ride for whatever reason – perhaps they’re not feeling well, their work schedule changes or it might just be too rainy. This cycling gift will remind them of their love of the sport when they aren’t on the bike, and they’ll also be able to display it proudly in their office.

Cyclists need lots of energy to keep going on long rides, and food is a big part of their diets. This selection of tasty Clif bars will give their bodies the nutrients they need to continue putting in the miles, without running out of steam and having to call it quits mid-ride.

It might not be the most glamorous of gifts, but a bike cleaning kit is something that all cyclists will appreciate and will actually get used. This pack from Muc-Off contains everything they need to keep their bikes looking and riding in tip top condition, and it’s a lot cheaper than buying the products individually.

A useful and practical addition to any cyclist’s wardrobe, this cycling tee is smart enough to be worn to a dinner party or other smart-casual event. It’s got a subtle design of a racing cyclist, and it’s an excellent choice for any budding cycling enthusiast.

Whether your cyclist is on the road or on the track, this high-performance monitor will help them to fine tune their fitness, measure their recovery and ultimately improve their performance. The Garmin HRM-Pro is a great option for casual amateur cyclists and aspiring pro athletes alike. gifts for cyclists






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