Finding the Right Hairdresser for Your Curls

If you have a curl, wave or texture in your hair it can be difficult to find the right salon for your strands. With so many self-proclaimed curly hair specialists out there, navigating the sea of misinformation can be daunting. A true specialist prioritises a thorough, honest consultation and provides knowledge and results that support how an individual wants to live with their curly hair.

Ask for Hermiz. He’s Melbourne’s High Priest of kinks and loops. He studies curly locks like an art form and his Fitzroy salon is a shrine to the ringlet set. He knows how to cut curls, but more importantly he understands how to work with them – taking into account your lifestyle and future follicle plans.

This Melbourne based salon is run by Jess, a curly hair specialist who believes everyone deserves to embrace their natural waves, coils and curls. Using a deconstructed dry cutting method, she shapes your curls into a shape that suits your face and personality. They offer a range of hair services to suit your individual needs and all their products are vegan and curl friendly. hairdresser curly hair melbourne






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