Fertility Centre – Choosing the Right Fertility Clinic

Choosing a fertility clinic can be daunting. Many factors are important, but the most critical are your specific needs and comfort level with treatment options and pricing packages. Make sure the clinic you choose has a wide range of infertility remedies and is familiar with the latest technology. It is also a good idea to find out which insurance plans they accept, including fertility coverage.

During IVF, medicines spur the growth of sacs in the ovaries that each contain an egg. When they’re ready, a procedure is done to retrieve the eggs. A doctor uses ultrasound images to guide a long needle through the vagina and cervix into the sacs (also called follicles).

After the eggs are fertilized, they’re checked for certain genetic problems before being placed in the uterus. This is called preimplantation genetic testing or PGT. Not all genetic disorders can be detected.

Fertility Centre is a full service provider offering the most advanced treatment methods available, with extensive experience in helping patients fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. The team includes reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, sonographers and nurses as well as support staff trained in acupuncture, hypnotherapy and nutrition. They are committed to providing the highest quality of care with compassion and dignity. They offer a variety of treatment options for all types of infertility and are experienced in treating patients with diverse backgrounds and unique situations. They work closely with Columbia’s Division of Gynecological Specialty Surgery to provide prompt access to the world’s most experienced gynecologic surgeons who use innovative, fertility-enhancing minimally invasive surgical techniques.

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