Father Sky and Mother Earth

Father Sky and Mother Earth have lived in harmony for millions of years; marriage made in the heavens, each complementing the other perfectly.

Father Sky is the sun. Providing warmth and light in daytime. He is the moon and stars at night. He is power and strength. He is the wind, the lightning, the thunder. He carries the rain and snow in the clouds. He can create storms and tempests with his fury or he can provide warmth, subtle winds and gentle rain.

Mother Earth needs warmth, light, water, and nutrients with which to grow food for their children. Mother Earth nourishes their children and teaches them all the important things they need to know to live happily and harmoniously. The most important things she teaches her children are obedience and respect so they can all live in harmony.

Mother Earth has many types of children, from the smallest insects in the soil to the largest mammals in the ocean. She loves and nurtures them all, her favourite children though are the humans. She put them in charge of all the other creatures.

She explained to her human children how to care for all the plants and creatures, she showed them how father sky provided the elements that were necessary for their continued survival and how to observe the laws of nature to keep everything in perfect balance.

She explained how Father Sky provided air for both plants and animals to breath. Sun for warmth and for light so plants could grow for animals to eat. She explained how Father Sky sent water in the form of rain, ice or snow for the plants and animals to drink. She showed her human children how all living things were made of carbon.

That it was in the oceans, the air and even the rocks. She taught them how plants used carbon dioxide and sunlight to make their own food and grow.

That water needed to be constantly moving to remain fresh and so not only came down from Father Sky onto the hills, where it ran into creeks and rivers to the oceans. But also how it was evaporated by the warmth of the sun and taken back up into the atmosphere so it could be purified and fall again on another part of the earth.

Mother Earth taught her children about respiration of plants and of animals and how what animals breathed out plants breathed in, and what plants breathed out animals breathed in, and how important it was to have the right balance of plants and animals to have the right mix of air needed for each.

Mother Earth was a good mother, she taught her children everything she could think of that they would need to know to take good care of their brothers and sisters, the insects, birds, reptiles and animals.

Humans took great care of the creatures and were careful to observe all the laws of nature as they had been taught by their mother to do. Under their care all things grew and multiplied.

For many generations all went well. In fact it went so well that the creatures on the earth became very numerous. They were happy and lived together harmoniously and lived in accordance with the laws of nature.

But Father Sky looked down one day and noticed how numerous his children had become and wondered at his ability to provide for them all. Surely we cannot continue to multiply so rapidly. From where will come the food to feed so many creatures?

From that moment a subtle change began to take place in the minds of mankind.

Mankind who had been given pre-eminence over the other creatures, began to feel the burden of responsibility for the well-being of all the creatures, and what was once a pleasant duty began to weigh heavily on him. If there was not enough for all, he didn’t want to be the one blamed for Father Sky and Mother Earth’s inability to provide.

What mankind was once happy to share was now shared a little more grudgingly. A division began in their minds making them feel superior and therefore more worthy of the greater share of all that they had once shared equally. This pattern of thinking gradually developed to a point where mankind separated himself from the creatures and instead of being equal with them, and living among them, mankind looked down on the animals and lived together in family groups separated from the other creatures.

The animals were left to fend for themselves as best they could, while mankind began to store up a greater portion of the food for themselves saying that as they had the greater responsibility they should also get the greater share of the food.

They began to store away more than their fair share of the food in case the next harvest didn’t yield as much as needed, and slowly but surely mankind’s mentality, which had once been one of plenty, began to change to one of scarcity.

Even when there was plenty they believed there would come a time when there wouldn’t be enough. Like an insidious cancer their thinking changed over time to not only resent sharing food with the other creatures but to only wanting to share with humans that they considered more worthy than others and divisions began to appear between the people.

Some wanted more than others even though they already had enough, but felt they deserved more due to their higher level of responsibility. Those in charge of the harvesting of food saved some of the best food for themselves. When the food was distributed the strong got more by pushing in front of the weak. Corruption began to become accepted as a way of life.

Some of the people could see what was beginning to happen and left the groups that had now become large enough to be called cities. But they had already been exposed to the warped thinking of mankind and although they tried hard they were never really able to get back to the way things were before the disharmony occurred. They returned to the fields to live with the animals.

Some became farmers and took care of animals in return for the milk or eggs or wool the animals were able to provide. Others grew crops of seeds, fruits, nuts or herbs that could be used for food. These they exchanged for other items among each other and food became a type of currency. delta 8 moon rocks






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