Explosion Proof Flanged Ball Valves

Explosion Proof Flanged Ball Valves
Explosion proof electric actuator flange type valves are a control device specifically designed for use in flammable and explosive occasions such as underground coal mines or dust removal systems containing combustible material. This type of valve uses a special electric actuator that is housed inside an explosion-proof enclosure to prevent the ignition of any surrounding flammable material. The electric actuator converts electrical energy into mechanical torque, and this in turn turns the rotation of the valve, which regulates the flow of the media in the pipeline.

Our 586005 explosion proof, low emission, 2-piece 150# flanged stainless steel ball valve mounts between standard ANSI 150 pound pipe flanges and is available in sizes from 1/2″ to 12″ (12mm – 300mm). They are dual certified fire safe and low emissions and have a 316 SS (ASTM CF8M) ball and reinforced PTFE seats. The flanged design allows for great flow rates while retaining minimal pressure drop. It also features a blowout proof stem, ISO top and internal cams that strike limit switches on receiving continuous voltage signals to stop the motor.

This valve is supplied with an electric actuator in either a switch or modulating type. The switch type operates on a power to open/power to close basis and stays in the last known position with loss of power, while the modulating actuator accepts a 4 to 20 mA signal for proportional control. Both options are weatherproof or explosion proof, and offer a variety of supply voltages, two-position or modulating control, and remote position indication. Explosion Proof Flanged Ball Valves






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