Divorce Lawyer in Kiryat

A Divorce lawyer in Kiryat can help with the legal issues that arise from a marriage ending. There are four major issues that need to be addressed in most divorces: division of property, child custody, support, and the Get (marriage annulment). A skilled family law attorney can handle all of these issues and will do so efficiently and at a reasonable cost. The best way to find a divorce attorney is to get recommendations from friends and family or from other professionals who are familiar with divorce proceedings. Once a short list has been narrowed down, it is important to meet with the attorneys on your list to assess their approach and to feel comfortable with them.

An experienced divorce attorney will be able to provide a detailed cost estimate for your case. This will include the cost of the lawyer’s fees and any costs that are incurred to file and conduct court hearings. You should also be aware that the cost of a divorce can escalate quickly, especially if there are any unforeseen issues that need to be resolved. For example, if a spouse’s income is changing significantly, a lawyer will need to be able to determine the appropriate amount of alimony or child support.

For couples that live in Israel, there may be additional complexities involved in the divorce process. For example, the country’s jurisdiction is governed by religious law, so Jewish divorce cases are handled in rabbinical courts and Islamic divorces in Sharia courts. Fortunately, there are international divorce lawyers in Brooklyn like the Elliot Green Law Offices who can assist with these unique situations. עורך דין גירושין בקריות






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