Displaced Residents Of Lagos Community Cry Out, Seek For Justice Over Violation Of Court Order

For the dislodged occupants of Foweseje Community, in Lakowe, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria, this is without a doubt a difficult time.

The occupants are asserting infringement of court request and unlawful destruction of their more than 600 houses locally.

They fingered anonymous specialists of a unidentified association as guaranteeing responsibility for lands.

Ajenifuwa Victor, executive, Akpowenre Okiemute, secretary, Odum Paul, and Emeka Azubike, an authority of the local area affirmed that the issue on the destruction of their property is under the steady gaze of the court.

The authorities asked why the respondents for the situation have brought the regulations into their hand in rebellious to court request.

The complainant in suit No.ID/794/2011 is looking for a request returning their territories to the first proprietors and installment of remuneration of N18 billion for harms done to their properties.

More than 600 structures were crushed in opposition to a previous court request limiting the two players to remain activity forthcoming the assurance of the case.

The occupants of the local area cried to the Lagos state government for help over the ‘Unlawful’ mass destruction of their structures by specialists of an association.

The people group thought about how an organization that was enlisted in 2003 with a C of O that very year guarantee responsibility for land that had been long in presence.

It has been a long drawn legitimate tussle between the local area and the association as far back as 2011 and the case was as of late moved to Epe High Court and booked for June 26, 2019, preceding the association supposedly attacked the local area with hooligans to destroy houses.

“All the court procedures were gone to by legal counselors of the association and the appointed authority hosted before decided that all gatherings ought to keep up with the norm forthcoming the assurance of the case.”

Fowoseje inhabitants gave names of the heads of the hooligans who did the supposed obliteration of their local area as Prince Banjoko Muraina, Chairman of Threeco Construction Company Limited, said to be a worker for hire to Toll System Development Company Limited, Alhaji Mutairu Owoeye and Ganiyu Owoeye A.K.A Gaba.

Boss Nojeem Fatai Arimi Ojomu, Adisa Fatai Ojomu and seven other people who are petitioners for the situation affirmed that the respondent is acting working together with the litigants strong association and instruments of ARM Investment Company Limited and went into Fowoseje town and destroyed their structures/properties and customary territories and monetary tree of the inquirers with next to no court request or request or judgment.

The inquirer’s said the litigants utilized their strong associations and kept on threatening the them subsequently exposing them to nonstop desolation and undermining through their authorities to come and crush the whole Fowoseje town and the structure that were still on the land.

The inquirers asserted that the lead of the respondents has caused antagonistic, untold and impossible injury, difficulty and wretchedness on the petitioners and other land proprietors and occupier of Fowosho town land.

The Bale of Fowoseje Chief Nojeem Fatai Ojomu in his letter endorsed on January 17, 2012 to the Chairman Adhoc Committee, named Fowoseje Land Matter and addressed to the House of Assembly Complex, Governor’s office, Alausa had pursued for leniency by delivering their property to them in order to keep one pearl bank residing on their tribal land.

As indicated by him, ” Fowoseje was and has never been viewed as a questionable land, in this manner it has a place only with us and our family as a domain of legacy.

We and our family are standard proprietors of Fowoseje town, and the land through our progenitors, have been practicing assorted and undisturbed demonstration of possession including developing some part of the land with practically no test from anyone.

“Because of our kind disposition and unalloyed convenience to outsiders, we have in the past doled out a huge piece of our property to different individuals who have fabricated houses on their particular land. What’s more, they are living in there with their families.

“Thusly, we are the standard proprietors of Fowoseje town and never we redirected our title and our precursor’s home or land known as Fowoseje Village to anybody or gathering.

“Shockingly, we found that one Toll System Development Company Limited which is an auxiliary of A.R.M. Venture Limited, drifted by some ‘influential people’s attacked our territory.

“Thus, upon this, we found that Toll System Development Company has been offering/selling our territory at Foweseje Village as much as N3, 300,000 for each 450 square meters for every plot.

“As though that isn’t sufficient, on October 9, 2010 the Toll System Development Company Limited with the strong associations and instrumentality of ARM went into our territory and demolished structures/properties and customary buildings and every one of our method for job.

The occupants of Fowoseje anyway look for court’s insurance against the unlawful destruction of their homes by the said organization.

Prior, the local area has organized a suit against the organization, requesting that the court award a request for never-ending directive controlling the respondents, their representatives, furnishes and relegates from further impeding the ownership of the petitioners working at Fowoseje Village in Ibeju Lekki Local Government Council Area of Lagos.






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