Different Printing Techniques for Custom Invitations

Whether you are hosting a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, graduation, wedding or new business grand opening, a well-designed and thoughtfully printed invitation is the first step in getting your guests excited for the event. The perfect invitation reflects the importance of your celebration and can be the final deciding factor in a guest’s confirmation to attend.

There are several different printing techniques that can create beautiful and unique invitations. Choosing the right printing method for your project is critical to ensure the best quality and style.

Digital printing is a versatile and cost effective method of production that allows for unlimited design options. This method of printing is great for creating detailed watercolors, photographs, typography and other designs with complex elements. It also allows for color matching to a precise shade and can be used for double-sided printing on 3 popular invitation card sizes.

Dip dye is a more manual process where the paper is dipped into a dye bath, leaving behind color. This can be done to leave just a strip of color, or can be used for full coverage and even ombre effects. The results are incredibly organic and beautifully imperfect, and the effect can be achieved on any size of card.

Custom Invitations are a completely customized suite of stationery, created with a one-of-a-kind design from start to finish. It’s the ultimate way to make sure your invitations reflect the unique style of your big day, and comes with a high level of service, care and knowledge from your trusted vendor. It’s important to note that there are many upgrades that can be added to semi-custom and store bought suites to give them a more custom feel, such as belly bands, vellum overlays and wax seals.  Etemply






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