Dental Emergencies and How to Find an Emergency Dentist

In a busy city such as New York, it is important to know of an emergency dentist that can be reached quickly. A quick response to a dental problem can greatly increase the chances of saving teeth and preventing more serious medical complications that may arise from untreated dental conditions. A qualified emergency dentist can also provide effective pain management techniques to ensure the patient’s comfort during treatment. To find a quality emergency dentist, search online for reviews and testimonials. You should also consider whether the emergency dentist accepts your dental insurance.

What Are Dental Emergencies?
An emergency dentist is equipped to treat a wide variety of dental problems. Some of these are painful and need immediate attention, while others can wait until your next regular dental office visit. Dental emergencies include a toothache, broken or chipped teeth, gum infections, swollen gums, and dental abscesses.

It is also possible to have a dental emergency in the form of a jaw injury. While a dentist can often restore the damaged teeth, they cannot set broken bones or sew up lacerations that occur to the soft tissues of the face. In such cases, it is a good idea to seek medical care for any injuries or damage that occur to the other parts of the body.

Other common dental emergencies that can be treated by an emergency dentist include a cracked tooth with exposed nerves, which can be a cause of severe pain; and a loose or dislocated crown that requires immediate attention to avoid further complications such as infection. An emergency dentist can also provide temporary pain relief and take x-rays to identify the root cause of the problem. Emergency dentist






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