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If your business brand is presented in a sharp YouTube video, you are not only showing local consumers the services and products that set your business apart but you are also moving into the global marketplace. In fact, YouTube videos may be the absolutely best marketing tool to expand your reach and attracting new customers to your local enterprise.

Consider these facts:

· More than 2 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day.
· More than 24 hours of YouTube content are uploaded every minute.
· The average YouTube user spends between 15 and 25 minutes on the site every day.
· Every month, YouTube has more than 490 million unique visitors from around the globe.
· YouTube video spark more than 400 tweets per minute.

There are many more verified statistics like this. What business cannot can afford to overlook this incredibly powerful marketing tool?

Many businesses feel that YouTube videos are difficult to create, edit and narrate. This is untrue. Chances are good that you can create a polished YouTube presentation of your business with no new equipment. The most effective local business presentations do not involve professional actors. Connect your business to the local market with local management and staff members who are doing their thing.

In fashioning an effective marketing YouTube, simpler is better. Most likely you or one of your co-workers has everything you need to create, edit and post the best and most successful marketing campaign ever.

Here are a few things to consider when recording your business video.

· Create an account on You Tube
· Take some time and familiarize yourself with the site.
· View several You Tube videos in your industry.
· Create your business profile
· Develop a color scheme
· Create your script.
· There is no need for fancy recording devices.
· Keep it simple with a good hand-held video recorder.
· Use a small clip-on microphone.
· Make sure the lighting is favorable.
· If possible, use a tripod.
· Hand held video tend to make the image flicker.
· Remember to localize the video.
· Edit the video
· Post the video and link it to your website.
· Engage in Twitter activity.
· The most effective videos stay on message.

As you become familiar with the process, your videos will become more expressive. Remember that if a picture says one thousand words, a video ells many thousands of words.

Local businesses are an important part of our economy. These businesses are built upon pride, hard work and succeed because of their ability to connect with local consumers. There is no better way to reach the entire community than with a compelling YouTube. buy watch time hours youtube






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