Choosing the Right Diamond Bur For the Job

Whether you are preparing tooth structures for crowns, polishing composite or porcelain, carving into stone, or making wax models, there are many tasks that call for the right tool. Choosing the appropriate diamond bur can greatly improve your work and make the job go more smoothly. Diamond burs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are available in either electroplated or sintered constructions, with a choice of diamond grits and head styles to fit the particular application. Using the proper tool for the job can significantly reduce the time spent in the dental chair and increase office efficiency.

In general, diamond burs are a popular choice among dentists for use in reducing teeth for putting in fillings, as they cut quickly and leave less debris behind. However, there are a few things that can affect the performance of these burs, including sterilization procedures, storage conditions, multiple uses and corrosion.

While these issues can be addressed, one of the most significant factors is that diamond burs have a more pronounced decrease in their cutting efficiency over time, which leads to a shorter lifespan. This decrease in cutting effectiveness can be offset by properly maintaining and storing the diamond burs, and by using them with a proper lubrication like 412 Slick Lube to ensure longer tool life.

Carbide burs are made from a super-hard, highly resistant chemical compound called tungsten carbide (WC), which is much harder than steel. Because of their hardness, tungsten carbide burs are very popular in a number of applications, from machining to dentistry. While there are many reasons to choose a tungsten carbide bur, such as its ability to cut through bone, it is important to note that a dentist can get a similar result with a diamond bur.

Diamonds are the hardest known natural material, and when they are bonded to chrome-steel through a special metallurgical process, the result is a superior bur that offers greater cutting ability and durability. These superior burs minimize clogging due to careful and uniform positioning of the diamond particles on the cutting head.

Each Hi-Tech Diamond point-shaped diamond bur is evenly electroplated with 120# diamond grit and impregnated onto steel, making them ideal for carving, grinding and pre-forming glass, stones, ceramics, metals, bone and other hard materials. Choose from ten different diameter sizes, 1 mm through 10 mm. In bird carving, these pointed diamond burs are ideal for feather detailing, texturing, contour lines and bill details. Each bur has a 1-1/2″ long mandrel shank that’s 3/32″ in diameter and conveniently fits into a Foredom, Dremel with 3/32″ collet or any flex shaft hand piece that accepts 3/32″ shanks. These sintered diamond burs are a great value and ship within 4-16 hours from SUVA!. diamond burrs






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