Cherub Figurine by Design Toscano

Product Description

When you think of a cherub, you may conjure up an image of chubby, naked angels cavorting among the clouds. However, this rosy-cheeked image was only popularized during the Renaissance, when artists depicted the lower-order angels as children. The word cherub comes from the Hebrew ke-rabya, which means “child-like,” and the plural form is cherubim.

Young ones have a knack for reveling in life’s mysteries – and baby angels are no exception! Our crouching cherub garden statue features a feathered wing, curly hair, and child-like details such as dimpled knees. Crafted in quality designer resin and hand-painted one piece at a time for spa, pond or garden, this Design Toscano-exclusive angel statue is sure to delight!

Whether positioned on a bookshelf or tucked among your garden plants, this resting cherub figurine is an inspirational reminder of the beauty and joy in life. 8-1/2″Wx4.5″Dx9.5″H. Made of a polyresin blend.






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