Bluetooth Headsets

A bluetooth headset is a wireless device that allows you to talk on the phone without the use of wires. Most bluetooth headsets can be used with any smartphone and some also work with audio players, computers and stereo systems. They operate on a special type of wireless signal called bluetooth, which uses short radio waves to communicate with other devices. Bluetooth headphones can be paired with other Bluetooth devices to form a wireless network that can send and receive signals. The headset can also be paired with a Bluetooth transmitter or a dongle, which is often included with the device.

Bluetooth headsets can usually be connected to most smartphones using instructions that are provided by the manufacturer. They may require you to select the Bluetooth icon on your smartphone and locate the headset in the list of available devices. Once your headset is paired, it will typically prompt you to enter a PIN number that will be displayed on the display. This is a security feature that helps prevent other people from connecting to your headset.

Most of the bluetooth headsets on the market work with Bluetooth 4.2 or higher, and most of them will support the newer “Bluetooth Low Energy” codec called LDAC. LDAC is owned by Sony and has the potential to provide better sound quality than older Bluetooth technologies, which have been compressed in order to fit into a relatively small radio wave spectrum. It’s important to remember that bluetooth headsets emit radiation, and long periods of exposure can cause problems such as tinnitus and hearing loss. It’s therefore best to limit the duration of time you wear them.






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