Aadhaar card loan: Apply for a personal loan with Buddy Loan!

Buddy Loan encumbers both private & public sector banks for loan dispenses. Since the introduction of Aadhaar card,Aadhaar card loan: Apply for a personal loan with Buddy Loan! Articles the KYC process is fast and easy. It holds the biometrics of the borrower & his authentic details, there are fewer documents required for availing a loan.

Over time, the loan approval period has gradually decreased. Hence, it is easier & faster to avail a personal loan with complete verification.

Buddy Loan focuses on the various aspects of financial solutions; Cutting across turnaround time, easy loan journey, 0 complexity & weekend availability & even income opportunities for people with different financial backgrounds.

Aadhaar card & personal loan:

There is barely any requirement of physical documents with the e-KYC option. Buddy Loan has encapsulated the entire loan journey in a digital platform. Availing an instant personal loan is easier with Aadhaar card, here’s why:

The mandatory linking the transactional business/ valid account had a ned to avail financial services from other platforms. Since, it serves as a proof of identity and citizenship validation, it is on top of the e-KYC list for loan approvals.

Aadhaar card helps you avail a personal loan in less time. As it compels online verification process. Hence, the need to present Aadhaar card is mandatory, while availing any loan.

Aadhaar card loan process: Buddy Loan

At Buddy Loan, the app facilitates personal loan and other financial solutions. The key process of loan approval is as follows:

Step 1: Download the Buddy Loan app, from the Google play store or even visit: Buddy Loan Visit our website to check and compare personal loan offers online.

Step 2: Fill in all your personal details and the estimated loan amount on requirement.

Step 3: Submit your scanned Aadhaar Card and few other related documents online.

Step 4: Your application and along with the documents will go under a verification process after you choose your lender.

Step 5: Once approved, the sanctioned loan amount will credit to your bank account.

To add on, Buddy Loan dispenses personal loans with competitive interest rates starting at 11.99% p.a. and flexible loan tenures between 6 months and 5 years. You can consolidate all the financial obligations & pay at once with the online personal loan app, Buddy Loan. personal loan for foreigners






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