The Best Milestone Cards For Kids

Whether it’s baby’s first smile, their first step or their first holiday, milestone cards make it easy to capture memories that will last a lifetime. These cards, often with a date on the back, have spaces for parents to write down their favorite moments to remember, and they can easily be added to photo albums or even saved as videos in your child’s scrapbook.

These cute cards feature friendly numerical garden critters to cheer kids on as they zoom through each milestone. The set includes 13 cards—one for each month plus a Year 1 card.

This set of milestone cards is designed to help infants and children notice differences in words that differ by only one phoneme —the smallest unit of speech that can impact the meaning of a word. These Step 2 (orange) and Step 3 (red) cards use words that are very similar or derived from the same word but differ in one sound to provide children with many opportunities to practice pronouncing words correctly.

The bold black-and-white images on these cards stimulate the development of the optic nerves and encourage small babies’ cognitive development. This set of 36 cards includes 24 NICU specific milestones, 16 weekly and monthly milestones and 7 first holiday milestone cards, all with space on the back for notes.

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