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Prevent Slips And Falls With Ruggies


                 Ruggies for floor mats

Floor mats slides across the floor over a period. You cannot replace the beautiful floor mats every now and again just because they curl up at the edges. However, you cannot ignore the curling up as it can invite casualties. So if you live with the fear of slipping on the floor mats, why can’t you use the new Ruggies plastic non-slip pads to ensure safety while walking over the rugs?

Ruggies are non-slip pads that can be inserted under your floor mats to fasten them firmly to the floor. Attach the non-slip pads over the corners of the rugs and press them onto the floor. These work with the aid of the tiny polymer suction cups, so that the rugs will stay in place.
Reasons why you should use these special non slip pads
Floor mats can enhance the appearance of your room. These special non-slip pads are suitable for all types of rugs, small, medium or big. No matter what size the floor mats are, you will find it easy to place the non-slip pads on the floor. There is nothing more effective than these non-slip pads to keep the rolling rugs in place. It will help you vacuum your rugs without sucking them up off the floor.

plastic non-slip pads

                   Ruggies plastic non-slip pads

The product comes with a unique tacky grip technology that features suction cups. It does not use any kind of adhesive to hold the rugs in place. Since it does not use any adhesive, it will not lose the grip. It helps preventing curled corners. It is reusable, washable and leaves no sticky residue. You can rinse it with water when it accumulates dirt. It will not damage your floors since it is not using any adhesives to hold the floor mats in place. The polymer suction cups allow the pads to be in place, and will not lose the grip even after frequent use. Washing the non-slip pads will only improve its gripping quality.
When compared to other competitive products, the cost is a bit high; 16 non-slip pads cost $26. The product is not available on stores.
When you buy 8 Ruggies you could get another 8 absolutely free of cost!
Click here to buy Ruggies for your floor mats. Walk with ease on the rugs with the tacky grip technology!

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