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How To Use Stretch And Fresh Sealer?

Just like cooking delicious food items, it is equally important to preserve them in the right way. If the containers are left open or closed improperly, food items can get contaminated. Having such food items would cause stomach upset and several other health problems. It is equally important to seal the food items when they are to be stored in a refrigerator. However, most of the time, when you think about sealing the containers, they would not possess any lid, or you might have misplaced them. Anyway, you would prefer to have your food items without losing their nutrition and freshness.

If you are thinking about an effective food storage sealer, it is time to start using Stretch and Fresh Sealer.

What is Stretch and Fresh?

Stretch and Fresh is a plastic wrap that can be used to wrap any kind of container, no matter what the size is. It enables you to wrap the food times easily and effectively, without the fumbles of a foil. It is a wrap that is made of stretchable silicone, and this can be stretched to size and shape to keep the food items intact. It is a durable material, which seals the container tightly and when you reopen it, the foot items will remain fresh in a way that no other containers can promise.

Using this sealer you can wrap food items, or your kids’ lunch boxes, or pack food items when you are ready for a trip. Using this unique sealer, you can even seal and secure liquid food items. There is no chance of leakage if liquid food items are sealed, because of its airtight sealing property.

This sealer can stretch up to three times its original size and hence you can use it for several purposes. It can be used in a microwave and it is dishwasher safe. Since it is a lifetime product, it can be used any number of times without losing its stretching property.


  • Secures food items in a healthy way.
  • Air tight sealer
  • Seals even liquid food
  • Can be used on containers with any shape and size.
  • Microwavable, dishwasher safe.
  • Lifetime product
  • Can be reused again and again


  • Available online only


When you purchase 2 Stretch and Fresh 3 packs, it would cost $10 and $15.98, shipping and processing.

How to purchase?

This product can be purchased online from our purchase section. Make sure that you don’t go in for purchases that seem the same, or you might get yourself rip-offs.

Give it a try!